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Livre Paris

Livre Paris

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In the core of Paris, a city that whispers tales of romance and artistic fervor,
its residents embody a blend of sophistication and passion for the written
word. Parisians, with their love for café culture, timeless architecture, and a
penchant for philosophical discussions, form a community that thrives on the
interplay between aesthetics and intellect. Enter Livre Paris, the International
Book Fair, where the city’s literary ambiance converges with the enchanting
world of stories.

Save the Date: April 14, 2024 – April 14, 2024.
Location: Paris, France.
Remaining Slots: 111.

Our Bright Highlights:

  • Introducing a kaleidoscope of genres at the Paris Book Fair.
  • Experience live encounters with renowned authors.
  • Engaging activities and contests.
  • Divulge the latest literary waves shaping the world of books.
  • Explore an exclusive showcase of our bestselling literary treasures.

As Parker Publishers prepare to immerse ourselves in this literary feast, we
extend an invitation to you – fellow lovers of words, dreamers, and seekers
of tales. Let Paris, the city of inspiration, be the backdrop to your
unforgettable reading experience. This, we assure you, is a chapter waiting
to be written in the storybook of your Parisian adventures

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