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Buenos Aires International Book Fair

Buenos Aires International Book Fair

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In the heart of Buenos Aires, a city pulsating with the rhythm of tango and
the warmth of its people, storytelling is an art woven into the cultural fabric.
The Buenos Aires International Book Fair is not just an event; it’s a
celebration that mirrors the city’s vibrant soul. Here, amidst the passionate
and diverse community, the love for literature comes alive, turning the fair into a collective embrace of stories. Join us in this literary fiesta, where the
pages of books seamlessly dance with the spirit of Buenos Aires.

Save the Dates: April 27, 2024 – May 15, 2024
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Remaining Slots – 174

What You Will Find:

  • Stalls for fancy bookmarks and stylish book labels.
  • Cherish the opportunity to meet and greet your favorite authors in
    exclusive sessions.
  • Engage in hands-on workshops led by authors, where you can learn about
    the craft of writing, storytelling techniques, and even try your hand at
    creative exercises.
  • Kids’ Corner Adventures for young minds.
  • Bestseller Authors showcasing their work.
  • 20% discount on any art or historical books of your choice!

Imagine wandering through a landscape where every language is a door to a
new story, where every culture whispers tales of its own. This isn’t a tour; it’s
a passport to countless worlds.

Parker Publishers team will wait for you!

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