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Book Editing Services

Line Editing

1. Content Review

Analyzing each line for clarity and coherence, ensuring that the ideas are well-organized and that the content flows logically from one sentence to the next.

2. Grammar and Syntax Check

Creating a detailed outline for the project, including structure, key points, and themes.

3. Style and Voice Enhancement

Adjusting the tone, style, and voice of each line to ensure consistency and alignment with the intended audience and purpose of the writing.

4. Word Choice and Diction

Evaluating the choice of words in each line, replacing vague or overly complex terms with more precise and accessible language.

5. Final Read-Through

Conducting a thorough review of each line to catch any remaining errors or inconsistencies, and to ensure that the text is polished and ready for publication.

Developmental Editing

1. Assessment of Manuscript

 This stage involves a thorough review of the entire manuscript to identify its strengths and weaknesses. The editor assesses the overall structure, plot, character development, theme, and other key elements to understand the work as a whole.

2. Content Organization and Structure

The editor works with the author to reorganize and restructure the content if necessary. This may include rearranging chapters, sections, or paragraphs to improve the flow and coherence of the material.

3. Character and Plot Development

In this stage, the editor focuses on enhancing the depth and consistency of characters and plot. This may involve adding, deleting, or revising scenes to make the story more engaging and believable.

4. Style and Voice Refinement

The editor helps the author refine the writing style and voice to ensure that it's consistent and appropriate for the target audience. This may include adjustments to tone, language, and narrative perspective.

5. Feedback and Revision

The editor provides detailed feedback and suggestions for revisions, working closely with the author to make the necessary changes. This collaborative process often involves multiple rounds of revisions to fine-tune the manuscript.

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Genres We Cater

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Choose a Book Editing Plan

Parker Publishers offer 2 Book Combo Editing plans for you ease. Choose the one that fits your bill. 


Character-by-character review

$3 per page

Character-by-character final review

Spelling and punctuation check

Intensive grammar audit

Adherence to Chicago Manual of Style

Estimated Timeline: 6-8 days

Copy Editing

Word-by-word mechanical edit

$7 per page

Word-by-word mechanical edit

Word choice and syntax inspection

Spelling and punctuation check

Basic proofreading

Intensive grammar audit

Adherence to Chicago Manual of Style

Estimated Timeline: 7-9 days

Line Editing

Line-by-line stylistic editing

$10 per page

Line-by-line stylistic editing

Intensive overall structural edit

Word choice and syntax inspection

Plot and pacing review

Survey transition elements

Audit tone and style

Review character development

Writing flow enhancement

Voice maintenance

Basic proofreading

Editor's notes and comments

Adherence to Chicago Manual of Style

Estimated Timeline: 8-10 days

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What Is Line-by-Line Editing?

Answer: Line-by-Line Editing examines each line of a text to enhance clarity, coherence, and style. It focuses on sentence structure, grammar, word choice, and overall readability, making it more detailed than general proofreading but less comprehensive than developmental editing.

Who Needs Line-by-Line Editing?

Answer: Authors, academics, businesses, and anyone looking to refine their written work can benefit from Line-by-Line Editing. It's ideal for polishing content, ensuring consistency, and elevating the writing to a professional standard.

How Long Does It Take?

Answer: The timeline depends on the length and complexity of the text. Our editors work diligently to provide thorough and timely service, and we'll provide a clear estimate based on your specific project needs during the initial consultation.

What Is Developmental Editing?

Answer: Developmental Editing focuses on the overall structure, content, and style of a manuscript. It assesses plot, character development, themes, pacing, and more, providing in-depth feedback and suggestions for significant revisions.

When Is It Needed?

Answer: Developmental Editing is best for early drafts or manuscripts needing substantial reworking and guidance. It's ideal for authors looking to shape their work, refine their ideas, and build a strong foundation for their story or content.

Can It Be Combined with Other Services?

Answer: Yes, Developmental Editing can be combined with other editing services such as Line-by-Line Editing or proofreading. This layered approach ensures both high-level structural guidance and detailed attention to language and style.

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